Karmarose and JL...

I guess what I was recognizing in the movie was that the married couple were both clearly dissatisfied, and mismatched, and in 2 different places in their growth in life. I guess I mean, one was looking for "meaning" and the other was partying and trying to have fun (like college student style). They weren't communicating and they didn't seem to like each other very much. The husband initiated the divorce, and the wife left, and started rebuilding her life. She started writing again, and she moved out of their home. She didn't start officially dating the ex-bf until after the divorce was final.

I guess they realized they would be happier without being married to each other. If you have tried everything you possibly can, including MB, and your marriage is still dissatisfying, is it responsible to end the marriage? Or do you really stay married to someone that you have no real relationship with?

Is it possible to mismarry?


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