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If, however the structure is so bad that a total rebuild has to take place, then , if you don't involve anyone else in your life at this stage, the decision has to be whether to move or start over.

bingo, that is the purpose of Marriage Builders. They rebuild the STRUCTURE of marriages here. They take the WORST marriages and rebuild them from the bottom up. They have saved marriages where the couple HATED each other. FEELINGS follow actions, and once the correct actions are taken that facilitate a happy marriage, the feelings soon follow. Bring the body and the mind will follow!

Starting over with someone new is a stupid strategy that will end up with the same result.[not to mention that it is immoral in many cases] If a person doesn't know how to maintain his first marriage, getting married again will not solve the problem. I think it shows a weakness of character and shallowness that is prevalent in our culture to toss aside marriages as if they were nothing more than toilet paper.

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