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So do I ask him to quit IC? Or perhaps talk about it with our MC?

His mother is here visiting and she agrees. She wants to go to IC with him on Monday and he has agreed.

If it were me, I would print up the Dr Harley quotes and hand them to him. Explain to him that IC is cute and trendy, but it is a distraction from the real problem. It is a complete waste of time. He does not have to resolve childhood trauma to solve adult problems. And if he is busy focusing on the past, he won't be focusing on ways to make the present GREAT.

Another good resource that addresses this little "counseling" fad is One Nation Under Therapy by Christina Hoff Sommers and Sally Patel, M.D. This book reviews numerous studies that show that counseling can sometimes be harmful and distracting. I know it was for me personally. I felt cute and trendy MrRollieEyes but it did nothing to solve my current problems.

On the other hand, my life changed dramatically in Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a BEHAVIOR BASED program much like Marriage Builders. And they didn't want to hear my CRAP when I went to AA. They told me I needed to shut and listen, since the only thing I knew how to do was screw up my life. Shutting up and listening was the best thing I ever did! grin

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