That is such good advice. You know, he has been saying that he "needs a plan", "has no direction" and the IC keeps focusing on the trama and having him read books about self-esteem and abandonment. He has remarked that they are good, but they need to have endings that direct readers on what to DO rather than just focus on feelings only!

We have a friend who is a recovered alcoholic - 18 years - and she says that she is so glad she is one because of AA. She knows what she is, she can go somewhere where they tell you what to do and you need to do it!

Maybe he should find a 12 step program to join!

Me: BW, 46
Him: WH, 48
EA/PA with co-worker 8-08 to 7-09
D-day 7-29
NC 8-17
OW and WH both fired from jobs
OW lost court case for restraining order- judge called her a "practiced deciever" who manufactured evidence!!