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He is doing CBT with the IC. They are focused on overcoming the trauma. But to me, after 6 months, I question whether or not he is making progress or having a plan to follow.

She says he is making progress and he feels he is, too.

D&S, please get that book I recommended above. I also had a very traumatic childhood and this book explained why my counseling kept me crippled. It did not resolve any problems, rather it kept me triggered and angry and focused on the PAST.

And as long as that was the case, I was not focused on solutions for the PRESENT. [marriage problems AND living problems] Dr Harley does NOT say this in conjunction to only solving marriage problems, either. He does not believe one needs to IC to examine their childhood to change current behavior.

The truth is that we do not have to explore our childhood to change CURRENT behavior. We simply need to focus on the PRESENT.

What problems is your H seeing this counselor FOR?

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