I occasionally visit a forum for people with bipolar disorder. I can't take going there very often. Most of it is a dissection of obsessive thoughts, detailing over and over what they all did while manic, and a lot of online crying. Now, sometimes I DO need a good cry, and I do need DH to hold me while I vent all the jumbled thoughts and feelings. But mostly I need to take my meds and put one foot in front of the other. That doesn't mean my pain or disease isn't real; but it means that I can't LIVE there.

I have a DH and two children. Waiting until I understand all of my feelings before I lift a finger to make THEIR lives better is not going to work. My kids will be grown and my marriage will be over. My kids and my M are PART of who I am, and any IC I have had better be concerned about them.

I hope your H will consider the MB weekend. I have never been, but I can imagine it would be just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended).