I hope he will consider the MB weekend also. I see him just wallowing in his grief and sadness, and it doesn't get him or us anywhere. He is full of sorrow and sadness, and it's a negative downward spiral.

We know what his issues are, and while it is NOT fair that he underwent trauma, he is almost giving into it and letting it control him and our marriage and family. When I push to move forward, I am told that I don't understand. Maybe I don't; I didn't have those experiences. I have experienced betrayal (from him in the form of an A) so I have some understanding of what intimate betrayal feels like.

Me: BW, 46
Him: WH, 48
EA/PA with co-worker 8-08 to 7-09
D-day 7-29
NC 8-17
OW and WH both fired from jobs
OW lost court case for restraining order- judge called her a "practiced deciever" who manufactured evidence!!