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While is he listening to the MC also, I feel that the IC is not a friend of our marriage.

I don't understand why such anti-social, anti-civilization, anti-marriage psychopaths are allowed to be counselors.

I really don't understand how anyone with this mindset could be a counselor. Keeping one's wedding vows are not optional!

I also don't understand why a husband or wife who goes to a counselor, individually or together, wouldn't immediately kick to the curb any counselor who talked like this. Before seeing Steve Harley for telephone marriage coaching, my wife and I saw three marriage counselors. That was always my first test with them: if any of them had suggested we end the marriage, I would have never come back. One of them came very, very close to suggesting that I needed to end the marriage, and then hid in a cloud of psychobabble and feigned innocence saying she hadn't suggested anything and revealing that she really didn't know what "decision" she was talking about when she told me I had to make a decision. We quit seeing her very shortly thereafter.

I am GLAD that I do not understand these people, and I hope I stay that way for the rest of my life. Everybody should understand that these attitudes are not normal and are anti-civilization!

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