I am sorry for everyone's insecurities, if I could change the past I would.

If you want me to help build your house, I will. If you want me to help fix your car, I will. If you want me to do anything I am cappable of, I will. I need nothing in return, you owe me nothing.

What I cant give, is me anymore.

I had a go around with my sister, she said I didn't even make an atempt to talk with her H, my BIL, on christmas. He didn't make no atempt to talk with me either.

He is my sister's H, I have gone the mile to connect with him, but I dont know what he think's and why he think's this, I CANNOT GUESS anymore.

I started to reconnect with my bestfriend, we have not said a word to each other in 6 YEAR's, I told him I missed him, asked him if he missed me, he said yes.
I told him I do need's something's clarified. He said he know's. He said we will talk, but not now, we will do it in a secure setting, he said let's just enjoy the night.
I told him if he thought I ever did anything innapropriate with his wife, I didn't. He looked at me, and laughed, he told me he never thought that and said that I was not cappable of that.

I am sorry if I make people feel insecure, I dont wake up eveyday, and wonder about who I can make feel insecure that day, I dont.

What I know in the world doesn't exist, I am sorry for what ever has happened to people in their live's, I would change that if I could.