Most funny stuff goes on my blog, but since my blog is strictly G-rated, and this is too bad for FB, I'll put it here instead. blushblushblush

AJ was busy playing a game online with a bunch of his friends when I went in the bedroom to change into my jammies. I knew he wasn't paying any attention whatsoever, so I just plain changed, no flirting or anything.

Just as I was almost decent, he turned and made a quick grab for me, saying, "We won!"

Happily surprised, I oozed up next to him and whispered seductively (so the kids wouldn't hear), "I'll let you win something..."

He got this horrified expression and clutched his headset like a coy maiden, whispering back, "This mic is live!!!!"

I tink I go die now.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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