OH pick me! Pick me!

You have a TON going on in your life. Notice you are always aware of where your children are? That's because they are the most important
people in your lives and no matter what ever else is going on in your life, you are always aware of where they are. You weren't aware of who all the children were because you are sometimes feeling responsible for OTHER'S
children too, and carry this vague sense of responsibility for kid's you don't "know".

You have a lot of relatives in your life who's lives are out of control
and dysfunctional and you can see things that would "fix" but you
know that you need to keep good boundaries and refrain from that unless
you are finally forced to do that.

The panic over your aunt driving away with YS represents that out
of control feeling we have when we realize we really do not have control
of our children. They are on loan to us from God and even though we try
to protect them and keep them "close" ultimately there are situations where we have to trust them to a Jesus and let them go.

"That" tears at the heart of ANY real mom.

I "hear" frustration, loss of control and a sense that you have some real competency
that folks around you just don't seem to realize and that cause frustration.

Oh .. and one more thing ... waking up to your Dad's comment? It was like this guy
just didn't "get it". In all that turmoil he was asking a really irrelevant question .....
MORE frustration ...... maybe a little inverted parental stuff too...

That will be $120 Jan ..... I take all the major credit cards as you know ..heehe

Jan you will be ok but you have to emotionaly disconnect from some of the people in your life and stop feeling responsible for everyone. You are a strong woman and people tend to drain people like you.

Slow down. Relax. Have some "me" time and trust God. It will all be ok. God is in control. You don't have to fix people's lives.
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