I have for the most part learned that people that fear other people passing judgment on them, are first to pass judgment. But for the most part that judgment is wrong, and will stall honest comunication.

I have done alot of thing's for other people in my life, and I have been honest with my intention's of why I do them, I do like to lend a hand if I can, but the real deal is I like to learn, and work with thing's, the more I learn the better I am.

But the problem come's when someone has already passed a judgment and say this guy cant be real, nobody does thing's just to do them, (sorry, their loss, because I do).

I have never thought anyone was taking anything from me when I do something for someone else, I was the benifactor, I was taking knowledge.
There are so manything's to learn and you will never learn enough.

When you give something to someone, and you are not taking something back inreturn, (good feeling's are a return), dont do it.
That is what will keep someone else's agenda from running you over.

But when you get married, you are now bringing whole families into play, interaction is going to happen. As that interaction continue's, hidden agenda's start to unvail, and there is no such thing as a "GOOD" hidden agenda. Now someone is just trying to pickup the piece's and their giver is starting to revolt, because their not even getting a good feeling out of it. Their just trying to make the next corner and stay standing.

I truely feel sorry for people that need to keep hidden and run a hidden agenda to survive in life, they are going to miss out on the good part's of life.