That's easy to solve. The unhappily married person divorces. They simply walk away with the clothes and minor assets and start over. No alimony, child support or splitting house $. Also, you pay child support.

If women waited until the kids were grown like men, the divorce would most likely be more amicable. Would it feel like you are in prison for years? Possibly, but you at least have integrity being faithful and grinding it out until the kids are gone. Most marriages can be put on sort of a coast mutually agreeable term. People who say they are miserable with their S might find it interesting that their spouse might be feeling the same way.

This is not pointed at you writer, and by all means my W might be miserable as H---, but she seems to want this M more than I. I use to want the M more than she did, so the table has turned in our M, I just wish it would've turned sooner.