On a Monday night date with FWW last night, she asked me if I was happy and I said yes, and I asked her and she said yes.

I thought then it'd be appropriate to move my thread here, but I simply started this new one since we are In Recovery.

I have been incredibly introspective over the past 3 and change months. If I had a better grasp of the written word, I be able to describe things better but I will do my best. When up against some of your thoughts Ive seen in written form, my city college education cannot compete. But, nonetheless, I have a ton going on in my head.

I start my new thread with the question I had last night after my date with FWW, does anyone really recover from being betrayed in the manner we BS have?

I kept the question to myself as its rhetorical. I think.

I still love my wife. That never changed but there is this thing that will be there hanging over us. Maybe that thing gets less and less a part of our life until its no big thing.

As we sat last night over sushi and she asked me if I was happy I thought again how lucky my story is compared to most BH I read about. My wife started to rebuild our marriage about 5 minutes after I learned of her A. And, she hasnt stopped rebuilding since. No investigating, no following, none of that. Lucky. Only compensation in all its forms. I have been giving her a lot of what she says she wanted from me.

I talk more about the compensation she has made to me in later posts.

So, yes, I think one can recover from a spouse's extra marital affair. If youre happy, then youre recovering.

Life keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the fuuuu-ture.