Time for my 7-year look back and update.

It was a privilege to spend the 2 days leading up to the D-day anni taking a swing at adultery. By God's grace, my much-adored AJ and I hosted an MB-based marriage seminar at our church, the same one we did in CA, only with new and improved anecdotes.

D-day itself passed entirely without recognition on my part, and more so for AJ, who has never remembered it, lol. Unfortunately, it was not without drama, which was why nothing A-related crossed my mind. Honestly, I would rather have remembered the A.

I woke up in the middle of the night, 2:23 am NOT THAT ANYONE IS COUNTING, the Dervish was watching forbidden programming in the living room, and Mr. C was nowhere to be found!

He turned up just before we called the sheriff, but it wasn't till part-way through Sunday before he would admit where he'd been. He had slid in through a window of the school, and was running amok through the hallways. faint Thankfully, not stealing or damaging anything.

Worse yet, on one of the 3 occasions he had done this, he took the Dervish with him. faintfaintfaint

The superintendent and principal were very merciful, and only notified the sheriff rather than asking to have them cited. Mr. C has a 2 1/2 day out-of-school suspension, and the Dervish has 1 1/2. I am fairly certain that neither of them will do this exact thing again, but they will continue to find new ways of causing us gray hair. They're just creative that way.

Well, gotta go dish up some soup for my true love. Even with mini-burglars, life is still good. grin

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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