Eight years out from D-day, and the only reason I noticed is because as I wrote the date, it seemed familiar. Took me a minute to even remember.

There was a time when I was proud of myself for going a whole minute without remembering. grin

Not quite two months ago, we bought a store together. Life is busy, to put it mildly. Still trying to balance home time vs. store time. Aside from a recent grumpy patch (his!) as AJ transitioned from a week in bed and very sick to up and working, life is good. He knew I still love him, since he didn't even check his tea for hemlock. rotflmao

We're 40 together, and plan on decades more. Millennia of millennia if you count heaven. smile

Time to go home and make valentine cookies for the kids to take to school. If a few of the gumdrops never make it to their destination, don't look at me!

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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