I got a call from the adoptive mother of my OC (Daughter 14) and she wants to see us. She wanted to see us next week, but a trip like this requires a lot of planning and the kids are in school.

I got a picture of her and she is so beautiful, mostly looks like her mom and not much of POSOM.

I can't really write much else about how I feel, as I am all over the place. Anything I write here will probably not be applicable from one hour to the next for awhile.

I am so glad the POSOM didnt get my FWW to have a abortion.

Did I mention shes beautiful?

Will post more later.

FBH 34 me,FWW 34,
DS 14, OC-D 12 (given up for adoption), DS-8, DD-5
D-Day#1 10-12-1998
D-Day#2 2-10-2008