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Too bad our H's don't get the same choice and are stuck paying CS.

I read one of your posts about how dare the OW ask for child support. That is something I struggle with also. OW and our H's were never living together and she was never being supported by our H's. OW choose on her on to carry the pregnancy to term, she was the only one that wanted to have a baby. How dare she then cry to my H that she can't do it alone.

A consequence of being a BW is having some of her families financial resources drained away to support the OC.

Though to say HOW DARE a OW want financial support from a WH is 100% wrong. The WH was not forced to knock up the OW. The title OC is politically correct way of saying [censored] and the not used much any more out of wedlock titles. Though by any other name the OC is still the child of the WH and that makes the WH financially responsible to the OC.

It is not the general populations responsibility to provide financial support through welfare and other government assistance through taxes when their is a Bio Dad making money.

Understood. Although I come from a school of thought where you do not have a child if you cannot take care of that child. I think a man should only be forced to pay child support if he and the mother were at one point living together. The point of child support is to provide the child with a similar life in both houses (other wise it wouldn't be based off how much you make, there would be a set amount of how much it cost to raise a child). If said child is never in the other household and there was never a standard of living already set, then why should it matter? Our OW claims she still can't get by with the CS she gets and cried in court about how she needed more. We have children too...our children should just get less because she alone decided to have a baby? I make more than her, maybe she needs to get off her [censored] and find a better job then. Yes the WH was not forced to knock up OW...but they are forced to have a child they didn't want. When that's done to women it was determined to be unconstitutional wasn't it?

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