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To recap my story, I'm a WW who got pregnant with OM's child. My BH wanted to stay with me despite what I did and raise OC together.

Well, after a long court battle, OM won rights to OC and now we must all raise OC together while I maintain NC with OM.
The court actually put your child through visitation with a complete stranger on the basis of an unsupervised DNA test? Surely someone somewhere should be called to account for this.

It beggars belief that OM took your child for visits and had sole custody of her on those dates when he knew that the child was not his. If he as unstable enough to do that, then he could have harmed her in any number of ways. I wonder how long he was hoping to keep up the charade.

Have you had the court order revoked on the grounds of your new evidence? Don't you need to correct any official records that show OM as her father? I presume there was a legal judgement about this after the faked DNA test. Don't the courts have any issue with him for doing this?

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