Yes, I told her about MB multiple times! I all but begged her to post here.
I don't know if she will come here or not, my W told me that her H (OM#1) seems to think that she had a BF while she was married to her H.
I don't know if this was true.


Okay OM# 1 and OM# 3 have been exposed to their wives.
OM # 2 is a little more tricky. He is not married and has or had no GF that my W knows of.

Should I bother to try to confront OM #2 at all?
As best I can, my W is not in an affair.
I'm still using VARs just for my own peace of mind.
Part of me would like to have words with this low life.
Granted, that might lead to something undesirable.