Ex called tonight wanting to know if he could take kids 400 miles away to visit his parents for his visitation this summer. (I have to agree as our divorce papers state that I have the final say in decisions regarding the children.) I told him I was not comfortable with that because he has threatend to kidnap them in the past. Not to mention, that this will be the first time the kids are away from me for any lenght of time. I feel that it would be best for them to stick close to home.

There are also numerous other reasons that I don't want them to go such as he drives like a lunatic, sometimes exceeding 100 mph on trips. Obviously, we did not get along well on trips! Also, his parents completely condoned his being with ow and even spent several nights with them at their apartment. My ex-father in law seemed to think that the whole situation was funny. None of this bunch seemed to care one iota about how two young children felt when ex left to be with ow.

My ex knows that his parents are welcome to see the kids when they visit so it is not like I am keeping the kids from their grandparents. As a matter of fact, his parents have been up to visit him 4 or 5 times in the last 11 months since our seperation. That is more times than they visited in the 2 1/2 years previous.

I feel I am just trying to look out for my children's best interest. Of course, my ex was a little upset at my answer, but I figure "oh well, so what's new?" Sorry for the vent, but I'm just a little frustrated.