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My husband is doing everything right, yet I do not feel anything. What is wrong with me? How do I make myself feel the way I should? We just finished a week long getaway. It is like there is a solid door that is closed.

Can caregiving affect that? Having someone close facing a terminal illness? Doe menopause affect it? I really, really miss working. I miss seeing friends because of Covid. I feel very, very bored.
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Was your week getaway, just you and your DH? How long have you been married?

If you miss working, why aren’t you working?

Do you have children? Are you familiar with Dr. Harley’s basic concepts?

FWW/BW (me)
2nd M for both
Blended Family with 7 kids between us
Too much hurt and pain on both sides that my brain hurts just thinking about it all.