Yes, just me and dh.
We have been married for 35 years.
Because the company closed shortly before Covid, and I decided to focus on my master's degree that I should finish this December. Plus, my husband was supposed to betraveling doing missionary work, so I wanted to go with him. I can do school online, so that makes it possible. But Covid has screwed everything up.
We have three grown children.
Yes I know his program.
He is a wonderful man who strives to meet my needs.
I have recently learned of a parent that has a terminal illness, so now I will be probably moving in with him to take care of him in his last days at some point in the next few months. Has a good support system of friends there, so it is better for me to go there since I have no friends here. Or at least no friends I can get together with because of stupid Covid. I am a singer and Covid has stopped everything I loved.