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I have recently learned of a parent that has a terminal illness, so now I will be probably moving in with him to take care of him in his last days at some point in the next few months. Has a good support system of friends there

I'm sorry that this has happened and I'm sure your parent will be grateful. Can your husband come with you?

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I have no friends here. Or at least no friends I can get together with because of stupid Covid. I am a singer and Covid has stopped everything I loved.

Your husband needs to become your best recreational companion and the person you most want to spend time with. If singing comes ahead of spending time with him, you need to find different recreational activities, ones that you both love and that you can do together. Have you done the Emotional needs questionnaire from this website? Most women have intimate conversation as one of their top needs. If your husband is not doing a great job on that, you need to explain how you feel and why he needs to work on it. Turn off the television and turn on the conversation. Dress up and go out on dates, flirt and laugh. You can do this!

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