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We don't watch television. Yeah, I don't need any of those things. I need people and something to do to make me feel valuable. If I had to pick one thing it would be recreational companionship I guess.

Yes of course you do, humans are fundamentally social animals. But you should both do the Emotional Needs questionnaire and compare results. Try doing one for each other first and, without reading it, then your own. Compare the two, you might be surprised.

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We already walk 5 miles together 5 times a week. We just got through going to a cabin for a week. Once a week we try to go to a state park or other place for a picnic.

Do you talk, do you explore ideas together, do you discuss future plans and your feelings? Those are the things that bring you closer.

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He tells me he loves me so many times a day. We work on projects together. We do not fight. Never have.

As long as you are not fighting as an avoidance, that is great. Do you tell him that you love him too?

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I just miss feeling like I am making a valuable contribution to society. I miss people.

I just don't feel much of anything but empty.

Empty is not good. I have a friend who has spent the lockdown Zooming daily with lonely friends to keep them cheerful. That is a pretty valuable contribution to society especially as you factor in the relationship between loneliness and dementia. But you would need to want do this together. Keep thinking outside the box, something will come to you.

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