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Ok here are his emotional needs:
Honesty, family commitment, attractive spouse and domestic support.

Mine. I really only have two: admiration is one and I guess recreation companionship I guess

Well done! Admiration makes lots of sense as your top emotional need. Have you discussed with your husband what that actually means to you? Together you need to find a way to get more admiration from him. Then you will not feel so empty. Sounds as if you also need hugs from him. Hugs are really important.

By the way, nobody is suggesting that you be with your spouse 24/7. You said he is a missionary and that you are studying for an MBA so I presume you work in separate rooms and get together at the end of your days? Create topics of conversation; find something completely new that you can read or learn. Then you can discuss the subject together.

You need to plan to spend recreational time together outside the house, Covid permitting, with other people. This should be things you both enjoy doing.

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