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Honestly he gives me plenty of admiration. He tells me how proud he is of me doing in school. We go on mission trips together. He is retired and does projects on the farm.

That is the problem. Covid is too high right now. We cannot do things with other people. Plus I cannot expose myself since I am taking care of my parent.

We went walking for an hour and a half together yesterday, will do so Wednesday and Friday. Normally we would go somewhere for a day trip, we tend to do that every week. But my time is getting eaten up more and more by caring for my terminally ill relative. Just devastating.

Emotional needs are very important, they make us who we are. You fell in love with your spouse because he did a great job of meeting your needs and vice versa. It sounds as if the two of you have drifted over the years into a situation where others have been meeting those needs. Don't feel bad about that, it is easy to slip into that situation especially if you are both working hard but it is dangerous because that is how people have affairs.

Can you look at the Covid interregnum as an opportunity rather than as a sadness? Maybe reflect on what in your relationship with one another needs work. Be honest with him, tell him about your sadness. Tell him you need those hugs from him. Ask him what you can do better. Talk to him about how you feel about your dying relative. Let him help!

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