Hi Butterfly,<P>I have been separated for only 7 months, but have made my decision about my wedding jewellery. I'm going to have it melted down, and a beautiful new ring made. That way, I still have something to hand down, but it has no painful reminders. My way of looking at it is that the whole 12 years weren't bad, in fact, it is only the last 11 months that have been diabolical. The rest was good. I don't want to sell mine, but I don't want them in the form they are now. This way, I will have something new, which represents the new and improved me, but still maintains and has links with the old me. I happened to like the old me a little bit!!!!!!! I guess change is good for us all.<P>If, and it's a mighty big if, we ever can put this mess behind us and patch things up, I would like a new ring. A commitment ring I have decided to call it.... Isn't that so presumptious of me.......he's made no mention of coming home !!!!!!<P>anyway, my 0.02c worth, not worth much with the exchange rate today.<P>hope you're feeling better today<P>Jo<P>