Allison, I am so happy for you that these changes are heading in the right direction! I wanted to wish you best of luck and HAVE FUN tomorrow night! [Linked Image from]<P>I know you are nervous - I would be too - maybe you could ask yourself: What made your husband fall in love with you in the first place? What do you think it is he likes (or liked) about you? I'm not saying try to "be" that person; just to think along those lines and see if it nets you anything useful... Also, what about happy memories? Maybe it would be helpful to bring to both your minds "that time that..." whatever it might have been, happened and made you both happy.<P>I know it must feel like you are 'talking things to death' - to me, though (admittedly I'm no expert), that sounds like a really good sign! As long as he is willing to talk, seems like that is a huge thing. Nothing has helped me and my H more so far than just talking, sharing our feelings and thoughts, even the not-so-happy feelings and thoughts. We have even started to laugh about things, even though there's pain behind the laughter.<P>I don't know if I've been of any help.. hope so!... but I did want to say again, best of luck and best wishes...<P>Hugs,<BR>~Lori