Congratulations on going out on a date, I wish I were in your shoes!<P>Keeping it light and enjoying past memories is a great idea as Contrite mentioned, I would imagine that having fun is the best plan.<P>Keep in mind that while he was in the affair he was a different person, under the spell of addiction and probably said things, as my wife has done, that hurt a lot. I let those comments dissapear from memory because I know its not really her talking. Nothing you can say or do while in the addiction will come across as positively as you hope. My guess is they probably don't even remember saying or acting in such a terrible way.<P>When you are sitting across the table tomorrow night look at the person as if you just married them and none of this ever happened. I believe that is the only way to enjoy yourself on this wonderful occassion.<P>Above all, have a great time, I'll be praying for you.