You guys are the greatest!<P>Contrite...I have always gotten a lot out of your posts, and am glad to answered mine. I'm glad to hear you and your H are talking and starting to laugh. Laughter is so healing, and I (and H) need it badly right now. I'll be watching for progress for you guys too!<P>Goober...I loved what you said about letting those nasty comments they made dissapear from memory. I am going to write this down as one of my goals. Thank you for your prayers, I'll need them.<P>Joe in Tx...WOW! I feel like I got some valuable insight into the male mind. HMMM, powerful information that can be used against all men in the future. Just kidding, your post was so open and honest and I just really appreciate you taking the time to write it.<BR>Now, can you come to the restaurant, sit behind me and remind me of those steps tomorrow night? Thanks Joe.