Hi AZ Allison -<P>Now that you have such great advice on the "how" let me try to help with the nerves.....<P>It's all about perspective.<P>You don't have to feel pressured that you HAVE TO make some big impression. You are not in a race.....you are not trying to get him back as soon as possible!!!<P>What you are doing is establishing a better connection than you both have had for awhile. You don't want the relationship "back"....you want a NEW one!!!! A BETTER one!!!!<P>No projections, no expectations, no problem solving (those will come later and/or naturally when the time is right).<P>Right now, you are practicing what you have learned here...you are being a better you!!!!<P>Let her shine!!!!!<P>BIG HUGS,<P>Sheba<P><BR>