Get out of that cramped house and take her away for a weekend, even if it's just a place in town at a hotel.<P>I would approach it this way: whoever the guy is (and it's probably the business partner), she's probably already gotten fully intimate by now. That's history. You are trying to win her back. You can't fully woo her at your best if you are constantly thinking "has she really gone all the way?" Just assume she has and will continue to if you don't win her back.<P>Most women lose all sense of reality between the ages of 36 and 37. Is she this age?<P>Guilt won't work. Sermons won't work. Guilt because you are treating her like a princess and making her feel YOUNG again is what will make her be consumed with guilt. She will attack you, try to get you to say mean things so she won't feel guilty anymore.<P>Stand firm. But do it in a hotel room. You can't win doing everything from that crammed house with no privacy.<P>Good luck.<BR>