When the tension is ridiculous, try humor. If you can laugh or get your husband to laugh, it can break the ice. "Dear, I'm not trying to start a new argument, this is the same one we've been on for the last three weeks."<P>You've got a lot of stuff to work through together. You may not even LIKE each other right now. "Okay, I can spare 30 minutes right now for fighting time. Let's begin. But I'm really tired so I can't promise any tears for at least 15 minutes."<P>You don't have any similar interests? Baloney. You both want to be happy. You both want peace and quiet in the home. You are both very tired of these difficulties and frustrations.<P>Decide to knock down your wall even if your husband leaves his wall up. Decide that you are going to believe your marriage is in a lot better shape than other peoples' who eventually repaired their marriage and had a close emotional bond. Decide that human nature never changes. Certains things will work if you do them long enough. You know what they are because you've read a lot.<BR>