Hey,<P>I've really come to the conclusion that I've become obsessed. My stbx is on my mind constantly. I think and rethink about what has all happened the past 16 months. It's not even that I miss him that much because I don't. When I see him there is nothing. Sure nights alone get lonely. I miss having him next to me at night but other than that I don't really miss him. So why do I keep rehashing this all over in my mind. I guess I'm just trying to make sense of it all but I just wish I could think of something else. I try to focus on work, home ect but it won't end. Have any of you felt this way and did it go away on its own? I'm thinking about starting back on the prozac again. I don't feel depressed but it will also help obsessions. Is this normal? I feel like I'm in a bad dream all day.<P>Jill