Hi Jill,<P>A few days ago I went to pick up my daughter at her mother’s, where she was visiting and while I was waiting for her to be ready I look at the soon-ex-wife and her lover and <B>REALIZE THAT I DON’T MISS HER</B>… wew… WeW… wEw… WEW!!!!!!! This took me by surprise, and then I came to the realization that what I truly miss is <B>THE FAMILY</B>, the three of us all those happy years; so far I feel that I have moved from one step on to the next one, and although sometimes I still fall down I KNOW that there is light at the end of the tunnel, light that every now and then I already see.<P>Also, I usually notice that I have advanced yet another step WHEN IT DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE- sort of like a small graduation.<P>Jill, it takes time to heal, but don’t be and “adult” rationalizing this: embrace your emotions, welcome them as long as they don't control you; in any case let them come to and though you, it’s part of the healing process.<P>Also, check this if you may:<A HREF="http://www.marriagebuilders.com/forum/Forum34/HTML/001157.html" TARGET=_blank><B>WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?</B></A><P>Alex<P>------------------<BR><B>Live fully and always learn</B><p>[This message has been edited by ThisAlex (edited October 14, 2000).]