Dear Blue,<BR>After four years of intense study and research, I have discovered that:<P>Despite the immense number of stars in the midnight sky, not a single one of them is capable of making ow disappear no matter how hard I wish for it. On a related note, I have found (through much trial and even more error) that although I have a relatively high-functioning brain, I no telekenetic abilities whatsoever that I can discern, and therefore cannot cause spontaneous combustion of ow, fatal car crashes, etc. Although to date, I have had some success in projecting thoughts that appear to make her uglier each time we see her.<P>Secondly, if there is any truth to Einstein's theory that time travel is possible, I have been unable to find it. All efforts thus far to create a working time machine in order to go back and eliminate ow have been futile.<P>Lastly, after much consideration and concentration, I still cannot conceive of a plan for the "perfect murder" that really pans out.<P>someday, though... (Insert villianous laughter here)<P>With love and a grain of salt to take this reply with,<BR>cd<BR><p>[This message has been edited by cdcollins (edited February 15, 2001).]