ok catnip!! to blue or anyone else, flowerseed sent me a picture guaranteed to make you feel better. just pretend it is the OW and have a little laugh. if you want to see it, email me at happy_girl_az@yahoo.com<P>also, let me know if you want to see the pictures of some of us and i will tell you how, or even email a picture of you and i will post it there!<P>take care all.<P>and also, i have even prayed that she would disappear. that is pretty bad. so blue, all this is normal. it is a coping mechanism and we have most likely all wished that. i mostly wish that one day she marries, falls deeply in love with her husband, and then that he cheats on her and gets the other woman pregnant. and that she can feel all the pain i have felt. i guess i have a little more to work on don't i...<P>happy_girl