I know that this was addressed to Gem and Catnip, but being a woman in similar shoes as FH, I wanted to say that I have NO feelings for xOM! He caused nothing but problems in my life, and I used to have hatered, anger, murderous feelings for him, but now, with time, I don't feel anything for him!

Now, I know your sit. is different in that xOM has visitation, but remember what he's been putting you and FH through with his outrageous demands. And, compare that to your own sit. with your oldest's mom, and the fact that, if I remember correctly, this child, albeit an adult, was not the product of an A. And, in the majority of cases, the WS does wake up and see the error of their ways, and that what they "had" with the OP was a fantasy.

I think that what I'm trying to say is that I am in no way thankful to the xOM for Abbi! I am thankful to God for her, and the joy that she brings to us. But, only God could bring something so beautiful out of something so disgustingly ugly!

JMHO, but I hope this helps see it at a different angle.


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