<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Patient Love:<BR><B>I guess I am just not as strong or maybe I am being a little selfish. I just need something for me right now. It is probably the wrong time to be doing it. Just when he seems to be coming around the corner, but then again he has seemed to be coming around that corner a few times before too.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE> <P>ok...<BR>(sigh)<BR>the more I am here, the more I realize how little I know about relationships... but over the past ten years or so... and especially intensely over the last 5 months I have been taking lessons.<BR>And I have picked up a few hardcore beliefs. I think I may also be listening to way to much Dr Laura Shleshinger (spelling, anyone?)... Also I've hesitated to respond because I wanted to give Arik a place to vent if he wished, without being judged (not that I would have condoned anything I thought to be morally wrong, either) but I can't stand to 'hear' you 'talk' like this...<BR><B>I hope you all don't look at me as being a quiter. Maybe I am though, who knows.<BR>(Sorry Lori you have been my inspiration and I tried to emulate your Plan A efforts but I am just not as patient or as strong as you are.)<BR></B>[/QUOTE]<P>If you are serious... all I can say is go splash some cold water on your face, girl... what you are going through is, let's face it, pretty darn [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com] [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com] [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com] ... (they should have an icon for those three all rolled into one.) And as far as I understand Harley's principals plan B is not about quitting... if anything, it's about saving your feelings... I can see how in this case it would seem to becoming a neccessity. Understandably so. <BR>I think in your heart you know what to do (and I really am not implying one way or the other) Deep inside, and it may seem pretty deep right now, is a kernal of calm. You should put yourself aside some serious time to pray... at least 20 minutes, and pray quietly for the wisdom of the Lord. Make sure you are not disturbed. Eventually the waters of your mind calm, and you will see more clearly.<BR>I wish I could offer you advice... I know what I want to tell you... but instead I will just insist that you have some faith in yourself. 'Cause I do. <P>((((((((((NICOLE)))))))))))) <BR>(I did of course ask Dylan for permission to send this hug [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com])<P>Deut