Nsr,<P>I only spoke ti him on the phone that one time (Monday). I would never start this mess again. That just added fuel to the fire. I was doing so well.<P>Fulgore,<BR>You may email me at RPSTYLE@AOL.COM. If I can be of any help. Please let me know. I met a lady on the board here. She helped me when I first started withdrawal. I know this is hard for you. Just hang in there. You can have the most wonderful marriage if you hang tight with her. I promise it is worth it. The thing you haev going for you is that she is home. Do you know how many people are plan A and the spouse isnt home?<P>Now, she knows this is wrong. If she is like me. She got caught at her most vulnerable moment. I was very very lonely. And that was a result of it. SO I hope you have forgiven her. <P>My H was very supportive. Even though I made contact with OM Monday. I still would never ever think about that again. My H is making me fall in love with him again. I told my friend that I was thinking about OM. And that I had dreamt about him all night. She says well call him. You only live once. THat was not what I needed to hear. SO she called him for me. If she had said "NO CONTACT RENEE" I think I would have said ok. And left well enough alone.<P>Feel free to contact me. BE THERE FOR HER!! RIght now she feels like crawling in a hole and dying... PRAY PRAY PRAY!!<P>Prayers are with you<BR>Renee<BR>