are not nuts. You are most likely feeling sad, depressed, and are hurt all over again because the OM seems to have gone on with his life without missing a beat. You, on the otherhand, have had to suffer the consequences of your actions and his, which is a badly mangled marriage. You feel guilty and emotionally spent and terribly hurt and disappointed that this OM, a person you had trusted (I'm asumming you did)has been able to completely dismiss you. You are angry at yourself for even getting into this mess and want so much to stop feeling this way. Am I close? <P>I don't know your story, but I can empathize with this withdrawl you are feeling. I was involved in an EA and I have never gone through anything so intense as the pain I have had over the last two months. I think for me what makes it worse is that the OM seems to have had no trouble breaking contact. My H called the OM wife, so I know things have been rough for him as well; yet, missery loves company, and it is doubly painful to think I am the only one suffering. <P>I don't know how long this heart ache takes. I quess that depends on the intensity of the relationship. If your marriage is salvageable and you still love your husband then I am sure you will find your way back. In my case, things were pretty bad before the EA and divorce has already been filed. Even though, I'm still experiencing withdrawl big time, I know that I don't want the OM unless he is free for me to have, since he's not, communciation is not an option. Have faith and stay strong...every time you make contact it's going to hurt you all over again.<P><BR>