Sheba,<BR>Thanks so much for the response. I guess I just have a hard time dealing with what I am going through. And what he is going through. It seems as it is nothing to him. My conscience killed me. I thought I was going insane. I had to tell H.<P>I guess that is whaat I have a hard time dealing with. He is coming out smelling like a rose. Not that I want her to find out. So she can harrass me. But it seems so easy for him. How stupid could she be? Her freind caught us at the park together. OM told her we were talking about their marriage. <BR>Withdrawal was HORRID for me. It was nothing for him. I tried to avoid everything for him. Then he told me to stay away from where they would be??? What is wrong with this picture? <BR>Will this catch up with him? Will she eventually find this crap?<P>I desire your prayers<BR>Renee