Sheba, [Linked Image from]<P>Now that hit home. You are so right. I just hate the fact. I am not working today, because I didnt sleep all night last night. Of course over all this crap. <BR>Your the best thing. You have so many valid points here. Im going to be honest here. I often wondered about him having other affairs. Which makes me very scared of STD'S. I cant stomach the fact that I slept with a man other than my H. My H was the only man that I had slept with. I guess that is what makes it hard to swallow also. I am just hurting like heck to think that I mean tno more than that. <BR>My sis says he is the one living in hell. Because he is getting up every morning wondering if W is going to find out. I couldnt imagine the baggage. Just like you said. He is in hell, not me. Mine is all in the open now. I confessed to H and my family. <BR>What was your situation anyway? Where you the betrayer? <P>Thanks for the prayers<BR>Renee<P>BTW, I have such a close walk with God right now. I am thankful this happened. Do you think this could have happened for a reason?<P>