Joy,<P>I had my friend contact him last week. Then he called me back. He told me he would call me the next day and he didnt. So I called his house that night. he answered the phone. When he answered I hung up. The secnond time I called I said "Me begging you to leave your wife? Me, Chasing you?" and then hung up. That is what he is telling everybody at work. That I chased him, and begged him to leave his wife. He in return called me that following morning when he got to work, to see why I called. I passed him on the road also. He acted so distant from me. He acted like he was scared to death of me. This was the day before the phone calls.<BR>It hurts like HELL!!!!!!!!!! To think that I was a fool in that situation. <P>Thanks for all the help and support<BR>Renee