Inamess<P>My w has had a EA thatturned to PA & she to keep thinking of OM. She to was lied to & reject once OM W found out. I have been very supportive for her during this entire mess.<P>My Question is if OM lied & only used her why does she still think about Him & the good times they had. She tells me now how much she loves me & that she is greatfull to have me. But she still thinks of OM. This hurts so very much. I fell that i keep giving & giving & would like her to be dreaming of me again. I know what i was not always their for her & have changed my life around completely. & plan to keep it up. I feer that i OM would suddenly have a change of heart that she would go back. If she keeps thinking of OM is she still wanting to be with him. <P>I know you can not tell me what she is thinking but you have been in her same place. It is so very hard nowing that the women you love is also still in love with some one else. Especialy a man who has lied & rejected her. & i who have remained faithful & comfert her during her hard times of missing OM is still second in her heart. If any of you W who have betrayed & come back to your H's can offer me any advice on what to do or not do i would appreciate your help. All i want to do is love my wife & have her love return for me & not have to compete with this dream or fantasy that she has about OM.<P>Thank you<P> LotsofHope<P>------------------<BR>