Inamess:<P> Thank you so much for your reply. My w started the affair about june 1999. I asked her what was wrong on sep 17, 1999 she then told me about OM. She left for the weekend & came home & told me that she wanted to work on marriage. We started counsling that week.<P> W & OM work together still do. After one month i plan A. all that i could & asked her if she could commit to the marriage. She told me she could not that she loved OM & did not love me the same any more. So i asked her to move out & she did. We talked some over the next month mostly about the kids but sometimes she would tell me she missed me. But she was still in love with OM.<P> A little over a month passed & i finaly found OM phone number. Called his W & told her all about the Affair. She whent to work & confronted both of them. OM Told his W right infornt of my W that my W was only a mistake. That he never wanted her to leave me & he was tring to find a way to get out of this mess he had got himslf into. My W then called me & asked if she could come home. I said yes aslong as we whent back to Councling. She said yes & so she came home in Dec.<P> I thout things were doing well. I was being there for her all the time. Talking to her & sharing my feelings with her. We shared alot during that month. Well along comes Christmas & my W decides that she wants OM back. She decided that if they had sex that he would relise what he was missing. So she seduced him. She told me that it was all her doing & to please not call OM W. That OM wife would get her fired. <P>I died that day all over again. I thout every thing she told me was true. That he was there for her when i was not. That she had to prove that she could get him back if she wanted to. The hardest part was reading how exciting it was to be with him. & that it was raley that exciting to be with me. She says that it was only because it was new not that he was better. Well i told her that i was leaving That i cauld never trust her again. She begged & pleaded & for me not to leave. She swor to god that she would never do that again. So we started recover all over again. <P> We talk almost every night now. I still get hurt over little things even to day. She said that she wished she did not get married so young. So i asked her does that meen you regret being married she said no just wish she had time to be on her own. <P> I dont get things. She tells me that she loves me so much. That she fills so happy that i am so commited to her. But she still talks about OM & missing him. Tells me she wishes she had time on her own. before we got married. But that she loves being married. I get so confused from day to day. <BR>I get tired of being hurt over & over again. <P> I love my W dearly but dont know where this is leading to. I am so tired of hurting i just want it to stop. I know there are people who have been doing this for years my hats off to them. <P> Thanks for listing to my story. reading from your point of veiw was great please respond or ask any other Questions hearing from your view really helps.<P><BR> Thank you so much<P> LotsofHope<P>------------------<BR>