I just found out that my husband is having an affair. He has moved out and is living with her. We have been married for seven years and togther for nine. We have for small boys. We have never had any problems until now. He has always been a good farther and husband. He worked two jobs just ot make ends meet and I took care of the family and home. We both are tired and really never had time for the two of us. Our kids are five four eightteen months and seven months old. He has said that he does not know hoe he feels about me but will always love me. He said that we should file for a divorce and that we can stop it at anytime. I still love him and believe that we can get passed this and become closer than ever. I can't understand how he can say that he loves me and that same day leave. I want to work this out but I don't know how Can anyone help thanks