Hello. I know you miss those intense feelings you had with your lover. The cravings keep coming back and you are suffering in withdrawal. Well, I'm here to help.<P>You can now have the feelings back without having to cheat on your spouse. You don't have to change or hope that your spouse will change.<P>This new chemical formula is guaranteed to exactly mimic the juicy great vibes you used to experience so intensely.<P>Unfortunately, my recipe has not been accepted into the business community at the present time. This has resulted in the price being more expensive than I had originally planned. But some of my most satisfied repeat customers are willing to let their children pay some of the price.<BR>My customers don't mind the trash cans, the dark alley, the ghetto, the complete surrender of discipline and self-respect, just as long as they get their fix.<P>This I can assure you: YOU WILL FEEL WHAT YOU WANT TO FEEL AND THAT'S ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS.<P>Cash only and I'm not open 24 hours a day. If I'm closed, you'll just have to wait like everyone else until office hours to get your fireworks.<P>See you soon...again...and again.<P>The Passion Pusher<BR>