I just try and try to figure out why she won't just come home. She does see a guy (Dustin) there sometimes. I talked to them both a couple of times and told them to knock it off, told my wife it would ruin our marriage if she continued. It is as if I am talking to a wall. She says I am trying to figure things out, going thru mid llife, and even menopause... I keep praying that she God breaks her of this. I do not have strength or wits to keep badgering her, think it may push her away. He is half her age, and they claim just freinds, he has no license, si has to pick him up or offers to take him home to step moms house. I told her it was unacceptable. aaaaaaaaAgain, she justtrys to calm me down, and goes on...why? She mentions her past in some moments and how her parents ruined her and then rebelled with other men. I think and adventue is what she wanted from me be foer a relationship, I was trying for a relationship, then some adventure...speaking of our marriage. She may have needed this to be able to getin touch with her past? I am so flustered, I don't know what else to do?

Wife and Bar, why?
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